Dark Side Of The Rare Alternate Angles-Extended


My Little Pony Futa Luna Fucks Futa Rairity.

Dark Side Of The Rare Alternate Angles-Extended.

Futa Princess Luna gets Rairity on her back, she kisses her passionately letting her taste her tongue. When Rarity’s Dickgirl Horse cock gets hard Luna gulps it in it’s entirety, letting it slide deep into her throat. Next Scene Futa Luna fucks Rairity’s throat hard while she is on her back, she pounds her until she cums. than it Rarity’s turn and she pounds Luna’s asshole until she fills her with cum. they switch again, this time Luna takes Rarity’s ass, shoving her huge horse cock into her body as she moans. Luna pounds her but also gives her a reach around, stroking her cock until they both cum.

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