Futurama Fry fucks Leela and Amy in the shower


Futurama Fry fucks Leela and Amy in the shower.

Futurama Sex video.

The clip begins with the episode where they mind fuck bender into as they update his version, the scene where Fry is listening to Bender and Hermes and he is so focused he refuses when Leela asks him to rub her with oil in the shower, and also when Amy says Leela punishes her when she doesn’t do it right. This time there is an alternate ending where Fry goes into the shower and starts fucking both of them. it starts with Fry throat fucking Leela and Amy helping them from behind, then Leela rides Fry’s cock and Amy licks both her ass and fry’s cock. than somehow Leela gives Fry a blow job while standing on her hands..Eventually Fry cums in Leela’s mouth and on her face giving her a nice facial.

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