Juliet gets whats she deserves from Futa Clara PMV [Thrust]


Juliet gets whats she deserves from Futa Clara.

Clara dominates Juliet (Futa).

After insulting her when she comes out of the toilet Juliet gives Clara the finger, which tips her over the edge. Dickgirl Clara looses it and throws Juliet to the ground of the bathroom opening her belt and moving closer.. she gives her a very rough throat fucking as the music begins [Thrust – White Zombie]. Next is a very rough anal fuck doggy stile while Futa Clara is pulling on Juliet’s hair for leverage. Futanari Clara than folds Juliet on her back and fucks her asshole while standing up, Juliet’s hands try to stop the brutal assault on her ass but to no avail.. The scene ends with Clara holding Juliet’s head by the hair while jerking off, than cumming once on her mouth for a nice facial then thrusting into her throat to let her swallow all her Futa seed before throwing her to the ground after being used and abused.

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